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     Welcome to J. Stirling Barrett Photography, I am a native New Orleanian Artist specializing in Photography and the art of Intaglio Printing. I founded J. Stirling Barrett Photography in 2005 and began to develop my Photographic Collage style. The style was birthed out of hurricane Katrina while I was away from the darkroom with just my digital camera and my laptop. It was also a reaction to the idea at the time that New Orleans was a devastated city that had no chance of a rebirth. I chose to show the beauty of the city architecture with only one exception, my 9th Ward collage. In high school I attended Metairie Park Country Day School where the great New Orleans Photographer Barry Kaiser cultivated my talent. He pushed my talents in both Gelatin Silver Printing and Photographic Collage. After graduation from high school I attended SMU's Meadows School Of The Arts, in Dallas, Texas. While at SMU I was introduced Intaglio Printing and took a great interest in the organic nature of the process. Being away from home for four years just made me realize that my heart would forever be in New Orleans. Now that I am back in New Orleans I am continuing my work in both disciplines while starting to learn some new Screen Printing techniques. I have also continued to nurture my passion and love for both art & architecture into my unique photography style. I am excited to show you the new work I will create, in gallery shows and online! Thank you for visiting my website, take your time look around and enjoy my work!

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